Sistema De Documentación En Geles "Nyx Technik" Código: 9091
Software Para Análisis En Geles "Photonyx Xtreme Software". Made in Usa.

Mol Weight, Colony counting, spot blot & band matchingDisplay bajo sistema operativo Windows con toda la información, imágenes y tablas en simultáneo. Múltiples experimentos Análisis automático de las bandas Control zoomControl manual y automático del espectro de bandas. Detección y corrección automática de las distorsiones de las pistas y de las curvas Lane histograms Single band/track data Automatic background correction (multiple methods) Multiple intensity/quantity calibration Molecular weight/base pair, Rf, quantity determination Ability to perform MW and densitometry on the image at the same time, giving one result table for all Automatic/manual MW/Qty assignments Choice of MW propagation styles including the ability to use multiple standards for smiling gel correction Cross gel track profiling (ability to overlay track histograms from different gels) Integral MW calibration library with manual or automatic assignments. Colony counting (with coloured colonies) Automatic spot/blot analysis with full distortion detection Image contrast/brightness adjustmentv User editing of Libraries. Full GLP reporting (gel, lane. MW, Qty, track histogram) Automatic 1D gel, Colony counting, Slot blot, ELISA plate analysis Direct link to Excel and Word Save results in *.CSV format for export Display data in a variety of different ways (curves, bar charts, pie charts etc)

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